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Protecting Privacy

There are numerous international, and state laws designed to safeguard the company privacy from unwarranted dissemination of company information. FDM Ltd respects the confidentiality of our clients' company information.

Privacy protection is important. We manage your company information consistent with these guiding principles:

  • Secure the company details and records.
  • Prevent disclosure to third parties except under circumstances permitted by our policies.
  • Follow established retention and destruction policies and procedures.
  • Promptly respond to any questions or concerns raised by employees about their records.

Maintaining Product Quality and Safety

We maintain our Company's valuable reputation by providing secure, quality products and services. This means that our services must respond to important customer needs, must represent superior value to the client, and must be reliable. We ensure this by following all quality processes and security requirements. We also comply with all applicable standards and best practices on the development of our products and services.

With a disciplined approach, our team work with great dedication to accomplish:

  • Client Satisfaction first
  • Commitment to the Highest Quality
  • Continuous Improvement of Processes
  • Can-Do-Attitude
  • Concise Communication of Processes

At your company, we pride ourselves in offering the highest levels of quality products and services. We strive for excellence in achieving and optimising business results, which reflect totally quality commitment to our customers.

Using Technology Appropriately

We are committed to use your existing Company technology appropriately, and we have a responsibility, data and telecommunications resources in a safe, ethical, lawful, efficient, and productive manner. We abide the state law that inappropriate or unlawful use, relocation, or transfer of data, or telecommunication resources without proper authorisation may result in legal action.

Protecting Intellectual Property

Your company is built upon years of hard work and innovation by your employees and the intellectual property created by them. It is this intellectual property, including such things as patents, trademarks, copyrights, trade secrets, and technology, that forms the foundation of your business. Consequently, the importance of protecting your intellectual property is paramount, and we must all act collectively to ensure that it is not misused or misappropriated. Therefore, we will never allow your intellectual property to be used or shared with people outside of our Company without appropriate legal documents in place. We will never infringe on patents, trademarks, or the intellectual property rights of your company.

Any inventions, designs, discoveries, ideas, concepts, works of authorship, and trade secrets created during the project relationship – or which arise out of our team's work or are created using our company's time, materials or assets – are owned by our Company until the settlement of unpaid amount of total bill.

We are committed the relationship of confidence and trust between our Company and your Company. We are prohibited by law and our own code of conduct to share any information about your Company with your direct or indirect competitor.

Information and Data Security: Confidentiality

One of the ways we protect your intellectual and proprietary information is by keeping that information confidential. Thus, with each project we sign proprietary information and inventions agreement. By signing this agreement, we agree and are obliged to protect the confidential information about your Company and the companies or private individuals with whom your company do business. Our company is committed to substantial relationships with its clients, which our Company expends significant time and resources to acquire and maintain. The particulars of these relationships are Company confidential information (marketing, manufacturing, innovations etc.) and constitute a significant and valuable asset of our Company. We will never, during or after the projects, share this Company confidential information with a third party without prior authorisation from the Client.

Information and Data Security: Confidentiality and Third Parties

We maintain our Client's trust by refusing to share or reveal its confidential proprietary information to anyone, even our other clients. Our company also recognizes the importance of competition plays in the marketplace of ideas, and innovations we respect our Client's trust in our Company and we will never share and reveal any confidential proprietary information with its direct or indirect competitor.

Our employees comply with the guiding principles and basic rules:

  • Always protect and never disclose any confidential Company intellectual property or any other confidential information to third parties
  • On occasion, we may need to share Company intellectual property with outside of our Company. However, you must never disclose such information without Management's prior approval and then only under a written confidentiality agreement approved by the legal Department.

Cookies Policy

Also known as browser cookies or tracking cookies, cookies are small, often encrypted text files, located in browser directories. They are used by web developers to help users navigate their websites efficiently and perform certain functions. Due to their core role of enhancing/enabling usability or site processes, disabling cookies may prevent users from using certain websites.

Cookies are created when a user's browser loads a particular website. The website sends information to the browser which then creates a text file. Every time the user goes back to the same website, the browser retrieves and sends this file to the website's server. Computer Cookies are created not just by the website the user is browsing but also by other websites that run ads, widgets, or other elements on the page being loaded. These cookies regulate how the ads appear or how the widgets and other elements function on the page. For Managing cookies for different browsers see here

Website servers set cookies to help authenticate the user if the user logs in to a secure area of the website. Login information is stored in a cookie so the user can enter and leave the website without having to re-enter the same authentication information over and over. More information

Session Cookies are also used by the server to store information about user page activities so users can easily pick up where they left off on the server's pages. By default, web pages really don't have any 'memory'. Cookies tell the server what pages to show the user so the user doesn't have to remember or start navigating the site all over again. Cookies act as a sort of "bookmark" within the site. Similarly, cookies can store ordering information needed to make shopping carts work instead of forcing the user to remember all the items the user put in the shopping cart.

Persistent or tracking Cookies are also employed to store user preferences. Many websites allow the user to customize how information is presented through site layouts or themes. These changes make the site easier to navigate and/or lets user leave a part of the user's "personality" at the site. For Information on session and persistent and tracking cookies, see here

Cookies are NOT viruses. Cookies use a plain text format. They are not compiled pieces of code so they cannot be executed nor are they self-executing. Accordingly, they cannot make copies of themselves and spread to other networks to execute and replicate again. Since they cannot perform these functions, they fall outside the standard virus definition. Cookies CAN be used for malicious purposes though. Since they store information about a user's browsing preferences and history, both on a specific site and browsing among several sites, cookies can be used to act as a form of spyware. Many anti-spyware products are well aware of this problem and routinely flag cookies as candidates for deletion after standard virus and/or spyware scans. See here for some privacy issues and concerns.

The way responsible and ethical web developers deal with privacy issues caused by cookie tracking is by including clear descriptions of how cookies are deployed on their site. If you are a web developer and need advice on implementation of cookies and a privacy policy, you can contact us by the enquiry form at the bottom of the page. These privacy policies should explain what kind of information is collected and how the information is used. Organizations utilising and displaying a proper and useful cookie's policy and privacy policy
include: LinkedIn Networkadvertising.org , Conversational and Dealspotr

Most browsers have built in privacy settings that provide differing levels of cookie acceptance, expiration time, and disposal after a user has visited a particular site. Backing up your computer can give you the peace of mind that your files are safe.

Protecting the Environment

We respect the environment in which we live and work. This means, in part, that we comply with all applicable environmental laws in all countries in which we operate. Our Company is also committed to protecting the environment by minimizing the impact of our operations.

Please consider the environment before printing.

Terms of Use

  1. Acceptance A signed contract must be provided by all new Clients at the time if submission of work to Fortuna Digitalis Media Ltd, indicating agreement to and acceptance of these Terms and Conditions and the terms and condition of the specific contract. By signing, the contract agreement, the clients agree these Terms and Conditions for any services they request from Fortuna Digitalis Media Ltd. By signing, the clients will also be accepting the quotation provided.
  2. Quotations Quotations will be provided after evaluation of the requirements submitted by the Clients. The charges for service provided by Fortuna Digitalis Media Ltd are negotiated prior to commencement of work and are provided on a statement which must be signed by the Client. Fortuna Digitalis Media Ltd may quote separately for or not provide any service that is not specifically stated on the contract.
  3. Charges Fortuna Digitalis Media Ltd may request an advance payment before work is supplied to the Client for preview. Such payments are non-refundable except where Fortuna Digitalis Media Ltd is unable to deliver on the services stated in the signed agreement. Accounts may be invoiced early at the discretion of Fortuna Digitalis Media Ltd where projects remain static for thirty (30) days due to the client not providing information required for Fortuna Digitalis Media Ltd to continue working on the account.
  4. Payment The Client may elect to receive either e-mail or hard copy invoices. Invoices are due on receipt. Accounts that remain unpaid fourteen (14) days after the date of invoice may be charged interest at the standard rate. Web pages and Apps may not be published until full payment has been made. Accounts unpaid fourteen (14) days after the date of invoice may have any services provide by Fortuna Digitalis Media Ltd deactivated. Thus, can include but is not limited to the removal of published web pages, deactivating email accounts and the cancelling of domain names. Removal of such material does not relieve the Client of its obligation to pay any outstanding charges assessed to the client's account
  5. Web Services Copywriting, hosting and domains names are not included in the quote unless otherwise stated.  Search engine listings or positions are not guaranteed.  The free logo design service offered with every website provides a maximum of three (3) basic designs and does not include illustration.  Up to 10 stock images are included with each website and can only be sourced from Fortuna Digitalis Media Limited's chosen provider. Although Fortuna Digitalis Media Limited will test websites before they go live, results are not guaranteed and it is the responsibility of the Customer to check for any errors or mistakes.  Any errors reported to Fortuna Digitalis Media Limited within the first year of a website going live will be fixed without additional charge as long as Fortuna Digitalis Media Limited agree that it is an error with the website and not with the Customer's computer, device or browser.  Fortuna Digitalis Media Limited may continue fix any reported errors after this period without charge at their own discretion.  Security upgrades and patches to the software will be provided free of charge for the first year only.
  6. Internet Marketing Services Fortuna Digitalis Media Limited cannot guarantee results for any internet marketing service it provides.  The Customer is responsible for paying any advertising costs associated with pay-per-click campaigns.  Customer's details will be provided on request to any company with which Fortuna Digitalis Media Limited has created an account with on behalf of the Customer.  The Customer must cancel any subscriptions for internet marketing services in writing, thirty (30) days in advance
  7. E-commerce Services Fortuna Digitalis Media Limited takes no responsibility for making or processing sales, payment service provider issues, fraudulent transactions or other aspect of owning or maintaining an e-commerce website.  Any financial, security, marketing or legal advice is offered only as guidance and should always be checked with an independent expert.  The e-commerce software used by Fortuna Digitalis Media Limited has limited flexibility and any services not on the signed agreement may not be provided.  Fortuna Digitalis Media Limited will include a standard level of security including encrypted passwords but cannot guarantee complete security.  The e-commerce software may be developed in house or provided by a third party and should be checked by the client for security by an independent expert when holding sensitive data such as credit card information.  Fortuna Digitalis Media Limited may provide limited guidance to aid the Customer in successful online retailing but does not provide any guarantees.
  8. Refunds Fortuna Digitalis Media Ltd does not provide refunds on deposits, hosting, domains names or completed projects.  Refunds may be provided by Fortuna Digitalis Media Limited at its own discretion where it is unable to rectify errors in a service that it has directly provided.
  9. Legal Services provided by Fortuna Digitalis Media Limited may be used for lawful purposes only. Submission, transmission or maintenance of any information or materials in violation of any government regulations is prohibited. This includes, but is not limited to, material legally judged to be threatening or obscene.  Fortuna Digitalis Media Limited reserves the right to refuse service to the Customer without providing reason or cause.  Fortuna Digitalis Media Limited are not responsible for ensuring the compliance of the Customer's website with UK or any other law, this is the sole responsibility of the Customer.  Any advice offered by Fortuna Digitalis Media Limited concerning the content of the Customer's website should be checked with an independent legal advisor.
  10. Indemnity The Customer agrees to indemnify and hold harmless Fortuna Digitalis Media Limited from any and all claims resulting from the Customer's illegal or malicious use of Fortuna Digitalis Media Limited's services which cause damage to the Customer or a third party.
  11. Disclaimer Fortuna Digitalis Media Limited makes no warranties of any kind, whether express or implied, for the services it provides except where explicitly stated on the agreement.  Fortuna Digitalis Media Limited also disclaims any warranty of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose.  Fortuna Digitalis Media Limited will not be responsible for any direct, indirect or consequential damages which may result from the use of its services including loss of data resulting from delays, non-delivery or interruption in service that are beyond its control.
  12. Support Fortuna Digitalis Media Limited will provide a basic level support for the services that it provides.  This support is limited to telephone and e-mail advice, on the use of, or fixing errors with, any system created by Fortuna Digitalis Media Limited.  Errors in terms of support are considered to be faults with a website or system that prevent any of the functionality mentioned in the agreement that occur when using the website or system in a browser version or device mentioned in the testing section of the agreement contract.  This does not extend to making the website or system compatible with future browsers, devices or integrated systems such as payment service providers.  No support will be provided for computer technical faults, e-commerce facilities not mentioned in the Agreement, hosting or domain names that have not been provided by Fortuna Digitalis Media Limited and software not provided by Fortuna Digitalis Media Limited, including but not limited to, image editing software, payment gateways, payment processing facilities, e-mail managers and internet browsers.  Fortuna Digitalis Media Limited reserves the right to refuse support to any customer they deem as unreasonable or abusive.
  13. General These Terms and Conditions supersede all previous representations, understandings or agreements and shall prevail notwithstanding any variance with terms and conditions of any order submitted.